Sonoma / Napa 2012

People say we’re crazy… and they would be correct. We know it’s a lot to do in a day.. but we’re determined to give it hell! The following is an evolving itinery for our Sonoma / Napa trip from 9/9/2012 to 9/14/2012

Siduri Rams Gate Fritz Joseph Phelps VJB Cellars Peju
Imagery Paul Hobbs J Rickards V.Sattui Ledson Robert Sinskey
Sojourn Lynmar Estate Pech Merle Merryvale Family Wineries Regusci
Silver Oak Salvestrin Cliff Lede
Robert Young August Briggs

11 thoughts on “Sonoma / Napa 2012

  1. You ARE crazy – and you may not like wine anymore after Tuesday :). I really, REALLY recommend adding Cakebread to your itinerary. Besides being the only place that gave us a full tour of the winery – and serving 6 half glasses of excellent wine (hiccup) – they have a culinary pairing class the Monica would probably love. Also, if you have room, try Peju – check out the yodling wine tastings on YouTube. He’s a hoot, and the merlot is nice. I wish we’d made it to Stag’s Leap and Silver Oak. Don’t bother with Beringer – way commercial.

  2. Nice itinerary! We’re heading up that way at the end of July and have several of these on our list, but we are no where near as ambitious. πŸ˜‰ I’ve got Far Niente and Stags Leap (SL Wine Cellars, we are undecided about SL Winery) on the list. Thanks for listing this – you’ve given me some new wineries to check out before we go!

    • Ooooh Far Niente! We had tried to do Stag’s Leap several years ago when we were out there, but it was SO crazy crowded none of us wanted to even venture inside. (We’re old and cranky, ya know) πŸ˜‰ Hope you enjoy it!

      • Thanks! I’m hoping Judgement of Paris craziness had calmed down… πŸ˜‰ Have a great trip yourself! I look forward to see your posts when yall return.

      • We will be blogging from California so don’t tune out sister! πŸ™‚

    • Nikki,
      OH YES WE DO have a D.P.D. (Designated PAID Driver). She’s not part of our group, so there is no chance she’ll have a weak moment and drink. She’s an *actual* driver and she will be worth every penny!

  3. Oh I’m so glad! When I heard we weren’t releasing Bob’s until the 14th, I told Jeff we need to make sure we had a secret bottle here on the 11th. I wish I could have been there! I got a lot of texts and saw all the Tweets.

    Thank you for your awesome scheduling and communication- I’m glad it all worked out and it sounds like your trip is going off without a hitch. I’ll see you next time. =)

    All hail Bob’s! Cheers!

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