Dang, The Air Is Thinner Up Here

This Breggo Pinot Noir review from our secret location taught us a few important things:

1. Check your damned white balance before hitting ‘RECORD.’ Our skin really isn’t that sick freakish color. Zoinks, Scoob that’s gross.

2. The “no-edit rule” isn’t viable long-term. Eventually you’ll be drunk enough that your video requires edits. I chopped a good three minutes of God knows what kind of crap out of here for your benefit. You’re welcome. 🙂

3. We should never attempt to record three video reviews in a single day again. Ever.


Eye Candy Switcheroo!

Normally Ed is our Eye Candy but he got stuck down in the crawl space while putting away Christmas decorations, so we had to replace him for this episode. Ed will be bummed that he missed the Pech Merle review, but we’ll rescue him just as soon as we finish this bottle. And in case you’re worried about Ed, don’t be. You can’t hear him yelling on the video. (Our mics just aren’t that sensitive)

And The Angels Sang

Happy New Year! Yeah yeah, we’re a week late but you were all wrapped up in post-holiday cleanup, so we thought we’d wait until things settled down and you could pay attention again. You’re welcome!