Is Costco Trying To Get Me Drunk?


We popped open a $27 bottle of wine (2007 Reserva Bodega Del Fin Del Mundo Special Blend from Patagonia Argentina) bought at Costco. We had high hopes thinking that we would be drinking a discounted $40 bottle of 2007 Reserve Blend.

After opening and using the Vinturi into the decanter for about 40 minutes, first we sensed overwhelming alcohol. Most wines are 11-12% alcohol. This one clock in at 14.5%. Once we got past the “hot,” we were able to pick up a nose of sweet cherries, prunes and raisins.

This puppy is a blend of 40% cabernet sauvignon, 40% malbec and 20% merlot. Fruit forward, with not a lot in the middle, and a tannic finish. In our opinion, it’s struggling to define itself. It leaves you wanting more.

So, I waited to post it for another 40 minutes to see if it would open up at all. While it is smoother and more palatable than it was, it’s not complex in any way. It’s a one note ballad.

We’ll give it an 85. Only because they have a cool, metal label.

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