A $25 Cab with $50 flavor and an $8 Label


Wine labels are like book covers. You most definitely cannot judge a wine by its label. As I was wandering through Total Wine yesterday, I spied a bunch of 2007 Napa cabernets (which are getting less and less available at retail). Salva Tierra Cabernet from Renteria Wines caught my eye for its non-descript label and $24.99 price tag. It looks like a house wine, but didn’t have a house wine price. After running it through my Cor.kz app, I discovered a myriad of 92+ reviews. I figured I’d give it a shot.

I was not disappointed! Really well-balanced cab with velvety, rich berries on the palate. Great mouth feel and fantastic tannin structure – enough so to cellar for many more years. Yummy now, and probably yummy-er in a few more years. I’ll give it a 93 with even slightly better potential. This is as good (sometimes better) as many $50+ cabs I’ve tasted.

Salva Tierra, which translates as “salt of the earth” is a real find. Keep making really good wine. Forget about the lackluster label. We’ll make that our little secret.

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