Maipe, you found me!

Maipe Malbec Reserve 2010

About two months ago, in my quest to learn more about wine and discover what I truly like, my most awesome friends introduced me to a supremely spicy Malbec. My taste in wine hasn’t been the same.

We’re in the North Georgia mountains this weekend and I had the bright idea of a Malbec tasting hoping for the spice and overall goodness. We met quite a few mediocre versions and I was starting to think I really hadn’t much to contribute to the more apt wine drinkers whom have taken me in like a young Jedi in training 🙂

Well, hello Maipe! The 2010 Maipe Reserve Malbec entered stage left like a rock star. We’re talking a $17.99 bottle of Malbec with a kick. Creamy, spicy and with a whole lot of personality I am happy to say that the consensus was we would all buy it again. Finally, I am a contributor of goodness! #Maipe #Malbec

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