Pre-Trip Tasting: Ona Anakena Malbec 2009 Rapel Valley

ImageHanging out in the mountains this weekend, we decided we’d better keep up with our wine country training and with more than a few of our crew enamored of Malbec this year, we dived (dove?) into a bottle of 2009 Ona Anakena from Chile’s Rapel Valley.

The deep garnet color on this wine is intoxicating in itself, although it took a good hour of decanting for it to open up to the point where we could drink it without grimacing. The nose has hints of smoked meat, earth and Band-Aid. Austere on the palate, it comes across an eensy wit unbalanced, lacking fruit in the middle and with a slightly chalky mouthfeel. My feeling is that it’s on the young side and since I’m not Doc Emmett Brown don’t have a time machine, I can’t zip on up to 2014 and tell you how it works out.

Retails for about $18.

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