Pre-Trip Tasting: Swinto 2008 Old Vine Malbec

Yes, I cooked a fancy dinner of grilled wild sockeye salmon….and sweet potato fries from a bag (nothing but the best for the little woman). You can’t always cook like Tom Colicchio, right? It is a color coordinated dinner though. Orange on orange.

The salmon rub was pretty killer though made with Spanish Style Smoked Paprika from Penzys Spices. Good pairing with a rich malbec like this one.

We opened the Swinto and poured through a Vinturi and into a decanter. We let it sit for about 30 minutes and WOW, tighter than a nun’s…well, you get the picture. It took ANOTHER 60 minutes to truly open up. Lots of tannins to say the least.

It really smoothed out though. Quite nice. Mon said it smelled like the Colorado forest fires. A hot nose as well. Flavors of tobacco and dark fruit. Some spicy pepper – all the things that make a good, rich malbec. I give it an 89, but may improve with a couple years of cellaring.

Retail $30

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