Pre-Trip Tasting: Tiger Mountain Rabun Red 2008

First off, if you live in Atlanta and haven’t been to Tiger Mountain Vineyards yet, that’s a big fat mistake. I know Georgia isn’t supposed to have good wine but dang, these guys have been at it fifteen years and they’ve figured out a thing or two about viticulture. Tonight we’re trying the Tiger Mountain Rabun Red (grown and made in Tiger, GA) and it’s a really nice surprise.

We made a special trip to Tiger Mountain a few weekends back when we were up in the North Georgia mountains and not only is the winery visually appealing with clean modern Euro-inspired design, they made a bunch of wines to taste and of course we tried them all, thanks to James the resident winery intern.

Okay back to the Rabun Red…

It’s a fairly light-bodied, transparent ruby colored five-grape blend, mostly Norton and the other four grapes are keeping their identities closely guarded. Damn sneaky if you ask me. The nose is mineral, cherry and blackberry and the wine itself definitely has notes of tart cherry and a bit of raising on the finish. It’s light-bodied, not particularly complex and nearly without tannins but super drinkable, as evidenced by the empty bottle on our table. For $15 retail it’s a decent value ($12 if you’re fancy schmancy wine club members like we are).

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